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Small Business Day 30 October 2021

The facts and Our Charter

Some not so small stats!

Did you know…


Statistics courtesy the Small Business Development Corporation


The Small Business Matters Charter

  • The aim of Small Business Day is to celebrate and recognise the contribution that small businesses make to WA. It is a 'Think Small First' event to raise awareness about small business in Western Australia.
  • All organisations groups and individuals are encourage to celebrate Small Business Day in whatever way they chose.
  • All events and messages are to be carried out with professionalism and respect.
  • Small Business day belongs to no one organisation but rather is a movement.
  • Small Business Matters is apolitical but will raise issues of importance to small businesses in WA.
  • Small Business Matters is not underwritten by any one commercial operation, but does have in kind support from several small businesses.
  • Small Business Matters and Small Business Day brand and movement is not to be used for commercial purposes.
  • Small Business Matters has been developed for the greater good of the small business sector.

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