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  • Kitty Prodonovich

    I know first-hand that small business is fun, stressful, exciting, hard work, all-consuming and unbelievably rewarding. I also know that small businesses make a big difference to everyone every day.

    Whether it is providing a fantastic product or service, employing people, sponsoring a local sports team or adding to the vibrancy of my community, I know how important they are and I know what they are doing is brilliant.

    That is why I think Small Business Day – Small Business Matters is so important. It gives me and everyone else the chance to say thank you and for all of us to let small business owners know that we think they are pretty awesome.

  • Nicolle Jenkins


    As a passionate small business owner, I've wanted to do a Small Business Day for some time - 2015 is a great year to start!

    There are so many of us and we make such a difference in our communities.  Yet due to our diversity, size and the nature of running a small business (busy busy busy), we find it hard to have a strong unified voice.

    Now is the time to unite.  It is time to celebrate our diversity, our passion, our risk taking and our role in making our communities strong.  It is time to let people know about small business.  That is why we created the Small Business Matters movement.  It is owned by you, the 210,000+ small businesses in WA.

    This is new territory... but wouldn't it be cool if this turns into something BIG for us?

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