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nbn™ our 2018 supporting partner

Small Business Matters is thrilled to announce the National Broadband Network (nbn™) as our 2018 supporting partner.

According to the latest research, once connected to the nbn™ , businesses have experienced a 1.5 per cent increase in annual growth of self-employment, with even stronger growth shown for women running a business.

Rachael McIntyre, Head of nbn™ local WA, said the connectivity provided by nbn™ means great business ideas can become a reality regardless of where you live, providing opportunity and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of Australians.

nbn™ offers opportunity for small businesses to foster and grow beyond their immediate community - within the state, throughout the nation and even internationally,” she said.

Ms McIntyre said nbn™ also supports our modern lifestyle. “Adapting to online systems with nbn™ offers the flexibility to efficiently manage a business away from the office – providing business owners improved mobility, flexibility and work-life balance.”

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